The Web: My Perception (¿Social Addict?)

¿How is my life with the web? – I use the social media every day of my life, I use apps like SnapChat, Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, WhatsApp,and YouTube

I wake up and the first thing I do is check my cellphone and check my social media, but my social media is not all I have on my phone, I also use my calendar, email and my tools for work so the web can be a distraction but also a good tool for work.

Image result for addicted social media

(Social Media Addict,Credit:OcusFocus , Licencia CC)

¿What I like of the web? is that you can reach people from the other side of the world, not just in the social media like Snapchat, Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram but in the world of work too, you can have clients from all around the world so the “Web” is a good tool to connect with a lot of people you will not meet if the web does not exist. Also you can see news from around the world so thanks to the web you know what is happening in others countries, Something amazing about the web is that is an enormous library because you can find information about almost everything in the world.

The Web is also danger and that is what I don’t like about the Web, because in the internet there are good people but also bad people that try to fool other persons into meet each other in person and when they meet they steal or raped them and in some cases they are never found.  Other danger is the identity theft, the hackers can get your personal info, your credit card or your photos from your iPhone and steal your identity.

¿What would your life will be without the Web?

Well, at first it would be a lot different and difficult to adapt, because I use the web all the days of my life but I think that I can adapt to not use the Internet because my generation do not have the internet when we born we meet the Internet later on our life, that’s why I think that it would be more difficult to younger kids because those kids literally born with a phone on their hands.


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