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In this next post I’m going to make an itinerary for a trip to New York City, hope you enjoy the trip.

The amazing of New York is that the main attractions are close to each other and with the advantage of the “Subway” you can go to all of them using the train so you can save the money of the rent of the car and the gas but this trip we are going in car.  Let’s say we are  going to start our journey in Central Park , later we go and see the amazing Statue of Liberty , later we go to the Madison Square Garden and see the concert of Justin Timberlake, when the concert ends, we proceed to see some sport and see the NY Yankees game on the Yankees Stadium and hope they win, later if we are on the Christmas time we can go to the Rockefeller Center to do some ice skating and have some fun, and of course we have to visit one of the highest building in the world: The Empire State Building and see the awesome view of Manhattan from 1,224 ft up and of course we can’t leave New York without going to Time Square do some shopping and watch theater of Broadway, at the end of this journey we have travel 1 hour and 48 minute without counting the time enjoying the attractions and a distance of 33.0 miles it was a busy day but New York do not ends here there are a lot places we didn’t visit on this trip so we have to come back.

Down here, I’m going to add the route that we use to visit all this places, the newspaper of the city and also pictures of the places we visit.

New York Times – One of the most famous newspaper of the city of New York

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.34.58 AM.png

empire state building

(Empire State Building, by Ralph Hockens, License CC)
Image result for central park new york

(Central Park, by Arch2O, License CC)

Image result for rockefeller center christmas

(Rockefeller Center by Anthony Quintano, License CC)

Image result for times square

(Times Square by Huffington Post, License CC)

Image result for yankees stadium

( Yankees Stadium by Ballparks of Baseball, License CC)

Image result for statue of liberty

(Statue of Liberty by Reader’s Digest, License CC)

Image result for madison square garden

(Madison Square Garden by Madison Square Garden Official, License CC)

Image result for broadway

(Broadway by WHS Rebellion, License CC)


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